ChillWell Cold Plunge

Discover ChillWell Cold Plunge - Reliable, approachable, and consistent cold immersion therapy, catering to both commercial and residential needs. Our mission is to elevate your well-being through the power of cold water, offering a transformative journey that leaves you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to embrace life's challenges head-on. Step into a world of unparalleled wellness, where the invigorating embrace of our cold plunge systems awaits you. Feel good, take the plunge, and embark on this extraordinary path to optimal health and vitality with ChillWell Cold Plunge!

Feel good, take the plunge!

CWCP Commercial

Reliable, consistent, and innovative. The ChillWell Cold Plunge has been thoughtfully designed with business owners in mind. Whether introducing intentional cold water exposure or contrast therapy to your float center, gym, spa, hotel, or other facilities the most important thing is that your cold plunge stays cold, clean, and client-ready! The commercial ChillWell Cold Plunge system comes standard with UV & Ozone sanitation system with 10 Micron Filtration along with an industry first skimmer to ensure the ChillWell Cold Plunge is always client ready! Also, back-to-back cold plunge sessions are never a problem from a temperature stand point with the frigid consistency of the 40 gpm capable chilling power. 

Bigger footprint and more accommodating (comes with the bigger chiller).

300% Superior Sanitation for the commercial setting and back to back plunges! 

  • Plug and plunge! 
  • No plumbing required
  • Top side controller thermostat
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor use
  • 8' power cord
  • Cools down to 39 degrees
  • Fiberglass vacuum molded with 300x thicker fiberglass construction with a reinforced fiberglass base for added durability
  • Spa light standard on all models and Classes
  • Suction skimmer standard on all models and Classes
  • Made in the USA
  • Top side controller thermostat
  • Insulated Spa Cover
  • UV & O3
  • 20 Micron Filter 50SqFt filter
  • Thermo busting dual pump technology
  • 40 GPM pump
  • Hose bib connection for draining
  • 300x thicker fiberglass with a reinforced fiberglass base!
  • Exterior 48 x 29.5 x 22 DWeight: 
  • Empty: 185lbs.
  • Full: 1,329lbs.

Consult with a structural engineer/architect as needed for weight bearing capacity of existing site.